Rose Scented Candle
Rose Scented Candle

Rose Scented Candle

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This special edition Rose candle is beautifully presented in a stylish 14cl light pink glass, stunning rose gold lid and placed in a white box with matching rose gold edging. Available with a Welsh or English label.

All of our Ribbon Collection candles are made with natural soy wax, the highest quality vegan friendly fragrance oils and the very exciting flat ribbon wick.The flat braid Ribbon wicks we use gives you the perfect wide base flame that a wooden wick would produce but without the black smoke and much better reliability. This allows you to enjoy your favourite fragrances even more, and knowing you are burning a vegan friendly wick made with 100% natural fibres. 

Product specifications.  

Height: 8cm


Burn Time: Approx 35 Hours 

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